Winter Schedule is Underway!

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Our Winter schedule is in full effect at Peterborough Living Yoga! Join us for a variety of weekly classes, registered classes, and special events and workshops! We still have Winter Wisdom Unlimited Yoga available, or register through a flexible 10 Class Series  Drop in’s are always welcome!

Also, we are offering Relaxation Massage, Botanical Facials and More at affordable rates, For more info and online booking, click here. 
We are located at 394 George St. N, purple door directly beside Haaseltons Coffee Shop. 

Tiina Kivinen Blog

~Winter Solstice~

Honouring the darkness, hibernating within, taking care of ourselves from the inside out. We as human beings are multidimensional, holding within ourselves both the light and the dark. During the time with the shortest amount of daylight, we pay homage to the wisdom of darkness, mystery, the unknown, incubating the seeds of potential within our selves. What can you do today to honour the dark cycle? Set intention for your wintertime, creating space for rituals of self care, moving inward, connect with breath and body, quiet the mind and tend to the heart~fire. Trust the process and trust that the light returns, bit by bit as we move through the winter. Consider the importance of what the darkness, and life challenge, can teach us, and open up to your own inner light, and the light of support and community, to guide you. So, let’s celebrate the darkness and honour the mystery, the unknown, the period of incubation and hibernation that nourishes body, mind, and soul.

This holiday season, visit us at Peterborough Living Yoga, see our Holiday Schedule here, in effect December 22 – January 4

Winter Class Schedule and Workshops! 

With much love and care, we have determined our Winter Schedule of Class Offerings and Workshops! See the weekly schedule here, starting January 4Registered Class options, as well as Upcoming Workshops and Events!  Remember, that you can make your own registered series with the Studio 10 Class Series, or the Winter Wisdom Unlimited Yoga. 

Winter Wisdom Unlimited Yoga!


Do you aspire to a weekly rhythm where Yoga and Meditation are a priority? At Peterborough Living Yoga, we are again offering our seasonal Unlimited Yoga packages. 2 or 3 Month options for you to make Yoga and Meditation a constant source of health, wellness, and inspiration for your winter season! Register, and have access to over 22 classes over 7 days/ week. Can’t make it to more than one class/ week? The 10 Class Series is perfect for you, build your own series choosing from any of our classes over a 3 month period.

Book Online for Massage, Facials, and more!   Book online here to receive Relaxation Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Holistic Botanical Facials, and more! Take advantage of our special deal, 3 Treatments for $150 + HST

Holiday Schedule!

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In effect December 22 – January 4

Tuesday Dec 27

10 – 11:15am Hatha Yoga with Fraser

Wednesday Dec 28

10 – 11:15am am Gentle Flow Yoga with Fraser

12 – 12:45pm Meditation with Fraser

Thursday Dec 29

10 – 11:15am am Gentle Flow Yoga with Samantha

5:30 – 6:45pm Hatha Yoga with Sasha

Friday Dec 30

10 – 11:15 am Hatha Yoga with Alexa

12 – 12:45pm Meditation, by donation, with Alexa

5:30 – 6:30pm Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Kristyn

Saturday Dec 31

9:30 – 10:45am Gentle Yoga with Samantha

4 – 5:15pm Hatha Yoga with Crystal

Monday Jan 2

12 – 12:45pm Meditation, by donation, with Fraser

7 – 8:15pm Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Fraser

Tuesday Jan 3

12 – 12:45pm Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Laura

6 – 7:15pm Hatha Yoga with Laura

OM for the Holidays!Market, Celebration, and Open House

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Save the date! Saturday December 10 is our 1st annual Holiday Market, Celebration, and Open House! Featuring gift certificates, sales on Yoga and Massage, yummy treats, as well as a variety of gifts for sale from our creative community!screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-8-15-08-am

Essential oils from Green Street, Homemade Skin care and natural wellness and baby products from Sweet Flowering Yoga and Wellness, Beeswax candles, and Soap and Aromatherapy from Free to Be Yoga, Wellness, and Soap and more!


The day features…

11 am Partner Yoga Workshop with Sasha, register here

1 – 4pm Open House and Market

4pm By Donation Yoga Claus taught by a team of PLY teachers!

Yoga Movement Series!

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New Class with Sam Milliken starts next Wednesday at Peterborough Living Yoga!

Yoga Movement Series is an education focused 6-week progression through the major joints and muscles of the body with a focusing on improving mobility and movement patterns.  We will learn techniques and exercises to improve strength, flexibility and posture while decreasing muscular pain and the risk of injury.

Each class will focus on a different section of the body, where we will explore a range of motions, myo-fascial release with foam rollers and other tools, self-massage and various other techniques to help improve your Yoga practice, sport performance or daily activities.

*This series needs a minimum number registered to run, and is not open to drop in’s, 10 Series, or Unlimited, to respect the progressive nature of the learning. Register Here

What is upcoming at Peterborough Living Yoga?

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This weekend, Join Ally Boothroyd for a Restorative Yoga Nidra on Friday night 7 – 9pm! Yoga Nidra is a healing and restorative meditation practice. It’s effortless, user friendly, and has profound benefits for body, mind, spirit. Space is limited! Register Here!

Sunday Oct 30, we are blissed to be hosting Fraser and Dana for Joyous Being Mini Retreat! . They are both beautiful teachers of Yoga, musicians, and guides of meditation and wisdom teachings. Join us for an afternoon of Live Music Yoga, Kirtan and Japa, and guided Self Inquiry and Meditation. All are welcome! Register Here!
Listen to a beautiful guided meditation recorded in one of Fraser’s Peterborough Living Yoga meditation sessions Here!

Keep in mind, that you can practice with Fraser every week, Monday and Wednesday 12pm Meditation, by donation, as well as Tuesday 10 am Hatha Yoga. We highly recommend trying out his classes, for inspiration and deepening of your practice! Can’t make Joyous Being? We are hosting them again for Waking Wisdom, Living Love, in December.

Autumns Abundance
2 Month Fall Unlimited Yoga
is available for a few more days! Book by Oct 31 and have unlimited Yoga until the end of the year!

Sign Me Up!

With Fall Unlimited Yoga, you have access to 100 % of the Weekly class schedule, including most of the registered class series! With over 20 classes/ week to choose from, the Unlimited is a great option for anyone who strives to come to 2 or more classes/ week. It will get you in the door, practicing yoga to your heart’s content! Those of you who can make it to about one class/ week, the 10 Class Series is a perfect option, choosing any 10 classes on the schedule (including most registered series!), for a 3 month period. Drop ins available for $15 + HST.

Nataraja Conscious Dance; A Benefit for Syrian Refugees

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Join us in a Silent Conscious Dance Journey on October 16th at Peterborough Living Yoga!

conscious-dancePlease arrive between 3:35-3:50. The doors will close at 4 for the Silent Conscious Dance Journey.

**The doors will reopen at 6:20 for Kirtan**

4:00-4:45 Yoga with Alexa Small
4:45-5:00 Guided Movement with Jesse
4:45-6:00 Ecstatic Dance Experience with Tzadkiel
6:00-6:20 Savasana with Alexa Small
6:20-7:20 Kirtan with the Om Shanties

All proceeds will be donated to the New Canadians Centre for helping Syrian Refugees.

$20 at the door
$10 or PWYC for Kirtan only

Be Grateful

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What’s happening this Thanksgiving Weekend at Peterborough Living Yoga? autumn
Saturday 9:30 am Gentle Yoga with Samantha Mansfield
Saturday 4pm Hatha Yoga with Alexa Small
Sunday 10 am Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Lauretta Dunford
Sunday 7:30pm Gentle Restorative Yoga with Lauretta
Monday 7pm Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Crystal Mosey

Rise Up and Root Down Morning Yoga Series starts this week!

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Join Laura Dunford for an early morning Yoga Series, at Peterborough Living Yoga! Thursdays 7 – 8am! We need minimum numbers to run this series, so please do register in advance, and then enjoy the benefits! Set a positive pace and rhythm for your day! morning-yoga-peterborough A few benefits include:
A feeling of empowerment to take care of yourself first thing
Becoming more aware if what you ate yesterday is serving you today
A morning pranayama practice (breathing practice) to calm the nervous system and bring you to centre
Daily fitness session completed by 8 am? You’re awesome!

Come and enjoy meditation with time held to set a daily intention, a moderately active asana (physical postures) practice, pranayama, and relaxation. This class is available to all levels of yoga experience.
Register Here