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Celebrate Love!

Love is important, all the time, but its nice to have a day that commemorates it. Love is like breath, vital for being alive. Love manifests in many forms and some say it is the very fabric that holds the universe together. I read this really amazing book once, by Brian Swimme, called ‘The Universe is a Green Dragon’, and it talks about how Love is like gravity, its the dance of allurement and attraction that keeps the planets orbiting the Sun, that makes all the galaxies exist in space, its a creative force.

‘ Love begins as allurement – as attraction. Think of the entire cosmos, all one hundred billion galaxies rushing through space: At this cosmic scale, the basic dynamism of the universe is the attraction each galaxy has for every other galaxy.’

Without love, without the basic force of connection, what would happen?

‘Bring to mind all the allurements filling the universe, of whatever complexity or order: the allurement we call gravitation, that of electromagnetic interactions, chemical attractors, allurements in the biological and human worlds. Here’s the question: If we could snap our fingers and make these allurements – which we can’t see or taste or hear anyway – disappear from the universe, what would happen?

To begin with, the galaxies would break apart. The stars of the Milky Way would soar off in all directions, since they would no longer hold each other in the galactic dance. Individual stars would disperse as well, their atoms no longer attracting each other but wandering off in all directions, releasing core pressure and thereby shutting down fusion reactions. The stars would go dark.’
So, basically, on every level, you could say we exist and are having this experience, reading this newsletter, moving through this life, the lessons, the blessings, its all because of love.

Celebrate LOVE everyday!

Start with loving yourself, your body, mind, and spirit. Start where you are. In this very moment, can you bring in a little more love, for you?

Come to Yoga and Meditation at Peterborough Living Yoga!

This weekend, practice Love with your choice of two inspiring workshops.

Join Mark Ross for
Self Inquiry Satsang on Saturday

This Saturday, join Mark for an enlightening afternoon of meditation, spiritual and self inquiry.

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This Sunday, give yourself and a loved one the gift of a day of beautiful nourishment, connection, and inspiration.
Eat. Pray. Love with Tamara
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