Yoga is Meditation, Meditation is Yoga….

Tiina Kivinen Blog

Happy July! While on my travels, I passed by this glorious waterfall… and here are some thoughts inspired by the present moment quality of nature…

Yoga is moment to moment awareness. This moment here and now is all that we have. Are you fully in it, in all its depth and simple complexity? The mind is powerful; what we think creates our reality, and our mind has the potential to influence our health, moods, vibration, and overall well being. Meditation practices support well being, as they help us to calm the thinking mind and direct it toward positivity and a higher vibration. Meditation also serves to connect us with our essential nature, uncovering truths and opening us up to the wonder and magic that is this very existence. Meditation also gives us tools to face challenge and adversity with grace, and can help us thrive in our lives, re-balancing and easing day to day stress.

Rather than thinking of Yoga as something that you do primarily to move your body into particular shapes, consider it as meditation itself, within stillness and within the shapeshifting practice of postural Yoga. This is one thing that I believe distinguishes Peterborough Living Yoga as unique. In addition to offering Meditation 3 times a week, all of our Yoga classes highlight the practice of presence, consciousness and wisdom teachings. Yoga is the practice of being present, yoga is meditation, meditation is Yoga. They are not separate.

We offer many opportunities to deepen your Yoga and Meditation practice to help you thrive in life.  Browse around this site and check out all the opportunities we offer for exploration of self and unity consciousness.
~ Tiina~