Revival Series

Tiina Kivinen

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with Tamara Pereira

Date and Time: Sunday May 22, 1 – 4pm

Price:  $35 + HST

Body~ Mind~ Spirit

Taking the wisdom from the East so that you may walk Peacefully in the west. Through this workshop we honor the Raw self directed teachings that are common in eastern practices that have a focus on Self Awareness. In the west we suffer silently, we push our feelings down and bury them, we live to work, we stop playing as we grow, and our spirits cry. We donʼt know how to be honest in our relationships and we hide the truth from even ourselves. We make decisions based on fear and are often exhausted. This is the Rat race to which our true selves are crying to get out of. BODY-MIND- SPIRIT will highlight tools & insight to help you within your current circumstance to re- evaluate perspective and take action to change your current mental space, physical awareness and spiritual capacity. This is a door to Self Transformation!


Let us take a look at becoming more aware of our physical nature & how this affects our daily rhythm. Postures & movement to direct energy so that you may feel more energetic and aware of self. Let us move together & see how paramount body awareness is in health & happiness. Manage stress & Fatigue.


The Monkey mind swings from branch to branch steeling much of your clarity and focus. When your mind is in a twist and chewing over the close to 70,000 thoughts that cross the average persons mind daily, itʼs terribly difficult to get to the the root of oneself or find solutions. Learning to still the mind & navigate the psychology & science behind stress & hormones is life changing.


The west doesnʼt lend much effort to helping us learn about matters of the spirit. Funny enough it is the spirit inside us crying for change and freedom and expression that compels us to expand upon our emotions, and can create quite a war within ourselves. If you are aware of that inner nudge that is seeking change then learning to know yourself is a key component in leading a peaceful, happy life.