Studio 10 Class Series


This  Studio 10 class series is valid for 3 months after you purchase it, for any 10 Yoga classes on the schedule at Peterborough Living Yoga. It is like registering for a series of classes, but with flexibility of what classes you come to, and a bit of wiggle room; 10 classes in 12 weeks. You may purchase in the studio using cash or cheque, or online. If you purchase online, your 10 class series purchase will be registered in our system effective immediately and will be ready for you when you arrive for class, simply let your teacher know that you purchased online.

Price is $135 HST

~Family Friendly~ We are happy to announce that these 10 class series may be used for anyone in your immediate family. For example, bring your Mom and have her use your series as you take a class together, or pass on classes to your partner while you stay back with the kids to give them a break 🙂

We look forward to serving you!

This series does not include workshops or special events.