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Embodied Wisdom: Living Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

In-person in Peterborough and Bobcaygeon, Ontario, DATES COMING SOON

NEXT ONLINE Yoga Teacher Training September 2023

Yoga Alliance Approved 


Become a Teacher &/or Deepen Your Practice


This online training will teach you everything you need to learn to teach others empowering and inspiring yoga classes that come from your heart. You will be guided towards a philosophy of ongoing self-inquiry that empowers your unique gifts and supports your well-being, whether you choose to teach or not.


Benefit from Experienced & Inspired Faculty


Join Tiina Kivinen and Ally Boothroyd for this transformational yoga teacher training. Benefit from the community of inspired guest teachers and support staff that join Ally and Tiina to make this training truly life-changing.

Dive Deeper & Discover the 8 Limbs of Yoga


Learn how you can apply the 8 limbs of yoga, (7 more beyond Asana, the postures), to your classes and daily life, and to guide others to do the same. Exploring the 8 limbs in their entirety will enrich your life, honour the roots of yoga, and equip you to best support your students.

Explore the Archetypal Layers of Your Being

Be guided through a multi-layered exploration of the Chakras as they relate to interacting with your students and understanding your own Being. Energetic intersections of vital life forces, each Chakra represents an aspect of consciousness essential to our lives and to teaching yoga.

What Past Graduates Say

Yoga Teacher Training Details

Dates: Next in-person training dates to be announced. Online starts September 2023!

This 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training is intended to bring to life your own inner journey of consciousness and awakening, to inspire your inner teacher to emerge from within your own experiences of yoga. As we learn from the wisdom of Prana (life force), the way of guiding others through transformational practices emerges as the foundation for yoga teacher education.

Embodied Wisdom 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training is intended for those who feel a calling to deepen their personal practice of Yoga and perhaps share these transformational teachings with others. Grounded in the roots of Classical Yoga and inspired by diverse and interdisciplinary traditions, this training will provide a holistic, trauma-informed, and creative approach to yoga teacher education, using multimodality and experiential ways of learning.

Tiina Kivinen of Peterborough Living Yoga brings decades of experience and thousands of hours of teaching and training. As Co founder of the School for Living Yoga, she has helped many yoga teachers embody their gifts.  She was also  faculty for Yoga Teacher Trainings at Kripalu School of Yoga and Nosara Yoga Institute, and has certifications in Yoga Nidra, meditation and Pranayama, Restorative Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Trauma-Informed Yoga, Ayurvedic Yoga, and Yoga Dance. She is a practicing Counselling Hypnotherapist and Masters Student in Counselling Psychology,

Co-Founder Ally Boothroyd of Sarovara Yoga brings her depth of study of Yoga Nidra, Yoga Psychology, and more to the training. Together, their approach bridges the depth of classical yoga with creative, evolutionary approaches to one’s own awakening. They are joined by an inspiring and highly qualified team of other local and regional guest faculty.

YTT Learning Objectives:

As a trainee, you will learn to teach Hatha Yoga sequences for all levels, for all abilities, with an emphasis on compassion, self-awareness, and identifying and nurturing your unique strengths and gifts.

You will be inspired by the inquiry, ‘what is your yoga?’, learning to teach from your creativity, authentic voice and inner teacher. You will learn the art of ‘teaching through transmission’, by learning how to bring your nervous system into a natural calm that inspires your students and helps you navigate life’s challenges.

You will deepen your experience of Yoga as union, and learn and integrate the deeper teachings of yoga beyond the classroom environment, into your day-to-day life.

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Curriculum Overview

Techniques, Training and Practice – 100 hours

  • In depth regular Meditation, Pranayama and Asana Sadhana (practice)
  • Pranayama Clinics – exploring transformational breath techniques
  • Asana Clinics – including alignment, energetic alignment, benefits, contraindications, modifications, variations, and assists
  • Meditation Clinics – Including the art of centering and relaxation

Teaching Methodology – 25 hours

  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Yoga Teacher Ethics
  • Methods for Developing Awareness
  • Tools for Business
  •  Authentic Voice and Language
  • Compassionate space holding, honouring boundaries, giving assists
  • Time management
  • Authentic Communication and Deep Listening
  • Trauma-Informed Yoga
  • Designing for Mixed Levels, Balanced and Creative Sequencing
  • The Art of Class Design

Physical and Energetic Anatomy – 20 hours

  • The Maya Koshas – Layers of the Self
  • Understanding Prana and the intelligence of Life Force
  • Functional anatomy and physiology
  • Yoga and the Nervous System
  • The Chakras, nadis, and subtle body

Yoga Philosophy and Lifestyle – 40 hours

  • Learning the 8 Limbs of Yoga
  • Bhakti Yoga, Mantra, and Japa
  • The Koshas and  Kleshas
  • Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  • The Yamas and Niyamas
  • What is my Yoga? Understanding your unique expression and role in Yoga teaching

Practicum – 10 hours

  • Practice Teaching with peers interwoven throughout experiential learning
  • A compassionate and inclusive approach to practice teaching in class and at home
  • peer and self mentoring that empowers self discovery and confidence

We will also explore

  • Yoga Nidra – Yogic Sleep and Deep Relaxation
  • Supporting your pre and post natal students
  • Supporting elders and those with limited mobility

Completion of the course includes Yoga Alliance Approved Certificate for 200 hours of training. The in-person training is located at Peterborough Living Yoga and lakeside at  Sarovara Yoga in Bobcaygeon. Join us for this Yoga Teacher Training and commit to a life long wellness practice!

NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR 2023 online Training and In Person Training (dates TBD).



Our Faculty

With many years of experience facilitating fun and meaningful yoga experiences, Tiina and Ally will help you connect with your unique gifts as a yoga teacher.


Tiina Kivinen

Co - Director of Training

Tiina is the founder of Peterborough Living Yoga and Embodied Wisdom Living Yoga 200 hr teacher training, and has been teaching yoga for over 18+ years locally and abroad. She loves leading trainings, retreats and workshops that tap into the deeper practices of Yoga. Her style is creative, flowing, meditative and spirit infused, with a focus on leading you into your own innate wisdom to uncover your own inner teacher. She has acted as Assistant Director and has been on faculty of teacher trainings at the Nosara Yoga Institute, and Kripalu Centre for Yoga and Health. See has studied Hypnotherapy, Yoga Nidra, Ayurvedic Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga Dance, Trauma Sensitivity, and more.


Ally Boothroyd

Co- Director of Training

Ally is founder of Sarovara Yoga in Bobcaygeon, and co-facilitator of the Living Yoga 200 hr yoga teacher training program. She studied under Randal Williams of the Kripalu Centre for Yoga and Health for her 200 hour training, and has also completed 300 hr training with Living in the Self, and Ashley Turner and thousands of hours of more training. In her classes she loves to bring awareness to the physical sensations, emotions, and thoughts that arise throughout the practice to create a ‘meditation in motion’ style of yoga. She is particularly interested in the Eight Limbs of yoga and yoga philosophy and seeks to deepen her students’ yoga practices both on and off the mat.

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