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Aparigraha…is one of the yamas which make up the first limb of the 8 Limbs of Yoga. The 8 Limbs of Yoga are found in the Yoga Sutras, a set of teachings that were compiled by Sage Patanjali prior to 400 CE. Aparigraha has been on my mind, and in my practice lately. Aparigraha is the practice of non attachment, greedlessness, and letting go of the fruits of our actions. This can mean something different to all of us as we navigate the waters of our changing lives. For myself, Aparigraha has been showing up as a practice in supporting the need to let go of control. Let’s face it. Life throws us curveballs! Things do not always unfold in predictable ways. So how do we deal with this? Can we be graceful in our navigating change, uneasease and the learning times? Can we practice acceptance and willingness to not be graceful at times? Can we turn the challenge into opportunity, without avoiding or skimming over the real and deep stuff?

As multidimensional beings, we have so many opportunities to embrace who we are, and open up to lessons and the blessings, the miracle of each breathe, the miracle of existence, in all of it.

Aparigraha is just one practice/ teaching from the Yoga tradition, that suppports us in living well.

Sacred Space... I am also reflecting on the deep honour that it is to hold space for you. As a Yoga educator, within each class so much can happen for each individual, and it is a true honour to create and uphold a safe and sacred container for the unfolding. I am aware that in many ways, these are unstable times that we live in, and each of us are in need of grounding and nourishment. Our mind/ body/ spirit selves are looking for ways to process what arises for us moment to moment as individuals as well as a collective. Yoga offers resources for processing life; the skills and techniques that we explore in Yoga classes, retreats and trainings support us in how we deal with life outside of the yoga studio.

The science and art of Yoga supports us in imbibing our selves and the world around us as sacred space.

One of my favourite ways to dive in to the art of holding space, and teachings such as Aparigraha, is through our 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training. Whether you are drawn to simply deepening the practice that you love, or sharing it with others, Amrita Living Yoga Teacher Training brings self inquiry and your practice to the next level. There are ever expanding opportunites to share yoga and meditation with people in your communities, the world is so in need of more peace and healing.

I truly believe that transformed individuals make a transformed world.

We are currently in the exploration of whether our Fall Training in Peterborough Ontario will run, pending numbers, so if you are feeling the call to train with Ally Boothroyd and I, now is the time to apply. In the event that we do not reach our minimum number in the next week, we may postpone to 2018. In either case, if you would like to check in about possibilities, please contact me by replying to this email, or messaging me at awakeninglove@gmail.com, tiina@living.yoga, txt or call 705 772 9642 , or Apply Here.

Much love, and many blessings to each of you…


Our Summer Schedule is in effect! Hope to see you soon!

200 hr Amrita Living Yoga 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training
 If you are feeling the call to dive into the transformative tradition of Yoga, please be in touch, and apply soon! Amrita Living Yoga Teacher Training is known for its empowerment, creativity and life changing potential. Weekend format, with payment plans available. Check out what our 2015 grads have to say here, and follow the YouTube prompt to watch 2014 grad testimonials. 2016 video is coming soon!


Prenatal and Kids Yoga Teacher Training this Fall
We are delighted to be partnering with Ottawa based Little Lotus Yoga to offer you two Teacher Training’s this Fall! Prenatal Yoga and Kids Yoga! Please note, you do not have to be a yoga teacher to register, although this a great continuing education opprotunity for Yoga Teachers, these training’s are also great for those in connected professions, such as doula’s, childbirth educators, labour and delivery nurses, and those who work with children in any capacity. More info and register here

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