Tiina Kivinen Blog

Welcoming Winter

It has finally arrived, the brisk air and the winter wonderland of snow. As we move towards the Winter Solstice, we continue to dive in to the depths of the dark time of the year. The long nights and the shift in weather can bring a deep need for self care as our beings adjust. For some of us, the winter brings a welcomed time of winter play and coziness, and for some, it can be a difficult time in navigating the changes in weather and less sunlight. I feel such a calling to honour the darkness at this time of year, in really acknowledging the deeper mysteries and layers of the self. This solstice, as we start to welcome the return of the light, may it be a time for deep honouring and accepting of ourselves. Lots of love out to any of you who find this time of year difficult.For me, the ritual of lighting a candle is powerful, in seeing and feeling the light that we can cultivate even in the dark times. I recall, as a child, attending candle light service at the local church on Christmas eve, and it is also a tradition to light ice candles in the cemetery where my mother has her stone. The feeling of light twinkling in the snow captures the essence of this time of year for me. Remember, we are beings of light and dark, and we have the capacity to bring balance to our selves in being with whatever is present, and cultivating the tools and inner resources that support wellness.

This season, consider joining us at Peterborough Living Yoga for a variety of weekly classes in many styles of Yoga, workshops and events, and registered series options. Thank you for reading, and much love to all!
~Tiina Kivinen