Is 2018 your year to become a certified Yoga Teacher? 

Tiina Kivinen Blog

Here are our top 5 reasons why this training may be just right for you. 

  • Yoga Teacher Training teaches you safe and inspiring practices for optimising your physical, emotional and mental health
  • Our Yoga Teacher Training equips you with tools and skills to teach what you love, from your heart, with confidence and authenticity!
  • This training offers you 7 weekend immersions that are like mini retreats for your whole being!
  • What sets apart our training is a creative and empowering approach to your yoga journey. We believe that yoga teachers are not meant to be cookie cutters. We hold a space to discover and reveal YOUR yoga, and empower you with skills to bring it to life.
  • We love community, and we believe that we all learn from one another. Your sangha of fellow trainees will likely become your lasting friends and you may even find your relationships outside of the training strengthen and deepen as you practice skills of conscious communication. Yoga = Union!
Dive in with us, be transformed and emerge ready to contribute with more meaning, to the world!

Apply NOW ! Early Bird pricing is available until January 10. That is only a few days away! Even if you choose a payment plan, you will still receive the discount with acceptance into the program, and a deposit.

Amrita Living Yoga Teacher Training is known for its empowerment, creativity and life changing potential. 7 weekends in total, with payment plans available. Check out what our 2015 grads have to say here, and follow the YouTube prompt to watch 2014 grad testimonials. 2016-2017 video is coming soon!