The Power of the Enneagram; mystery and relationship secrets to leading a happy, engaged, life of meaning, and how to do this with others

Tiina Kivinen

  • March 18, 2018
    10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Imagine how life could be if you had a telescope that showed you “the real you”, and showed you the “real others” in your life. Imagine you had the key to how others and yourself walk in this world, what makes you tick, happy, afraid, validated, driven, depressed, inspired? What if you had the secret to relationships.

Why were we so connected in the beginning, yet our relationship is empty now?
Why can’t I and my son get along?
Can’t they see how this is affecting me?
Why aren’t they responding to me?

The Enneagram will teach you how to get what you really want in life. Save yourself decades of life experience and dive into relationships in a life TRANSFORMATIONAL WAY.

Explore how to see through others “Eyes” in a deep way that will transform your life like you never imagined.

The key to true happiness, intimacy & engagement in life – boils down to relationships, with yourself and those in your circle of family, friends, social, work or intimates. If you knew what made everyone tick, fearful, free, engaged, turned on, turned off? If you understood their core principles and how they processed the world, better yet – if you understood how you processed the world.

Let’s dive into the wonderland of the Enneagram which is an archetypal framework offering deep insight into individuals, groups, and collectives.

In this 4 hour Intensive – you are going to have more aha and down the rabbit hole moments than you could imagine. This is a brain teaser and a soul pleaser.

We all have aspects of our personality that can range from unhealthy to healthy. The Enneagram shares 9 different personality lenses and it can be incredibly eerie how accurate our movement and life processes and behavior are captured in this framework.

Life can be confusing and very personal, sometimes it’s a breeze to connect to someone, and others it’s so challenging. If you ever wondered if there was a better way to live life, to understand it better – to connect better – this might be for you.

When we start to see the motivating factors and a peek inside the brain of others, much of life becomes less offensive – as we see how incredibly different our perspectives are. When we learn to identify others personalities and the complexities of our own – it lifts the weight of the world.

Words from Tamara…

‘I have learned to navigate all of the core relationships in my life with a deep sense of intimacy and appreciation, I have lost the majority of my insecure thinking, and have started to really see people for who they are. I spent countless hours worried about what others thought and never knew just quite how to be myself and be understood. I didn’t understand the confrontations, was very passive and felt alone. I was oversensitive and felt like I would never be understood. Now I feel empowered, authentic and able to really get to the depths of each of my relationships. I better understand compatibility with intimate partners, what happened in my marriage? What I wish I knew for many of those years. I have reversed much of the temperament issues with my children and am able to sit in the healthy aspects of my relationships. I know how my colleagues operate and who I engage with for certain projects, and can just lend so much insight about walking in the world through this tool! Whether you are freaked out by your parents, feel like an outcast to the world, want to learn the keys to success, feel like you are a dreamer or a procrastinator. Whether you have a deep inner dialogue, feel like you play devil’s advocate, are a traveler, an activist, a truth seeker, a leader, a perfectionist, a peacemaker? I want to share a deep lens and life-transforming tool. The internet is loaded with sites and dialogue, there are many tests and paid courses etc. I have been digesting and working with this system for 7 years. The personality itself is only one part, the movement is truly where you find yourself. This is something that I would love to help you navigate. It feels like you have entered a whole new world. In this workshop, we will not only go over each personality type, but we will use some dynamic group play to engage and watch the personalities in action.Discover tools to help overcome relationship hurdles, and learn to have incredible well-rounded relationships in life.’