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Happy Summer Solstice

For me, this time of year is some of the most magical. Blooming flowers, longer days, fireflies, swims, berries, and the promise of the months of summer that are ahead. Today I am reflecting on the blessings that surround us. Life brings inevitable challenge, stress, and moments of unease… and yet there is so much wonder and so many blessings in this life. One of my favourite translations of the 1st Yoga Sutra of Patanjali…

Hatha Yoga Nushasanam
Now, we dive into the mystery of Yoga/Life

(translated by Tiina Kivinen 🙂
Every moment of this life is unfolding, each breath is an opportunity to welcome the mystery. So how can we practice leaning into each moment, to do our best not to harden ourselves in the face of adversity? To be fully here and not striving for the next moment or paining for the past? I read a great article from the amazing Pema Chodron today, you can read it here. Pema is always bringing home such wisdom and clarity. My take away: Learning to watch the habitual tendency to want to close up and tighten around discomfort in life. So, what are practices that create space, that allow room to breathe and be and stay with ourselves and the unfolding moments? What activities bring us more into the moment, and which ones provide more of a short term, or less sustainable relief? Time with loved ones, celebrating together, practices that foster present moment awareness, and self care through yoga, meditation, eating well, being in nature and wellness treatments, are all activities in my life that help me to stay present and easeful. So when life has it’s inevitable troubles, we are ripe for practice. Give thanks for another day. Reach out to a friend or family member. Gather together. Commit to creating space in your life for the practices and activities that nourish you.

As we delight in these long summer days, breathe deeply the wonder and the great mystery of life itself…

The light in me bows down to the light within each of you…
Tiina Kivinen

Our Summer Schedule is in effect! Hope to see you soon!

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