Big News, and the tricky thing about New Years Resolutions

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Happy New Year and happy new beginnings!

I hope you had wonderful holidays with family and friends! As you may know, I am now in Costa Rica until the spring, and I am happily spreading the word about my friend Natalie teaching a few of my regular scheduled classes in Peterborough while I am away. For more information see my Schedule page, and contact for registration and questions. Also, see the end of this e-mail for a special meditation gift!


Starting April 1st I will be launching a YOGA STUDIO, taking over the space at 394 George St. (above Hasseltons Coffee Shop)! Stay tuned for a flow of yoga and meditation classes, workshops to inspire health and wellness, continuing education for yoga teachers, 200hr Yoga Teacher Training and MORE in our new home, Living Yoga Peterborough ~ Studio and School.I will also be renting out one or two treatment rooms, part time or full time, so please spread the word to holistic practitioners who need a lovely space to practice downtown with great visibility.

New Years Resolutions and Intention Setting

As we flow into a new year I’d like to share some ideas from yoga philosophy related to setting your new years resolution intentions:A new years resolution can be a tricky thing, because it is easy to fall into the idea that once we have what we want in life, we will be happy. Yoga teaches us to let go of striving, to accept what is, in the moment, and surrender to the will of the universe, Ishvar Pranidhana.

Yoga offers us a way of setting intention that is not about striving for something or needing to change. A San Kalpa is a sort of personal resolve that one makes to align with and channel energy toward a higher purpose. The word San refers to our highest truth, and Kalpa, a Vow. Thus, a San Kalpa is a resolve or intention that we set that is a vow or commitment to actions and a life path that is aligned with your dharma/purpose, and your higher self.

A San Kalpa is a vow or commitment to something that is already inherent in your being, already a part of you. Rather than an idea of some kind of lifestyle habit or change that, if fulfilled as a new years resolution will somehow bring you the happiness and fulfillment you need for the year, a San Kalpa is more like an affirmation or an intention that is already true and real, but needs to be nurtured and fed in order to shine brightly and strongly.

Follow this link to a meditation I prepared just for you about opening up to your own San Kalpa (right click the link or CTRL+click and then click “Save Link As” to save to your computer). This is my gift to you, and for a limited time (one week), it will be FREE for download. Look forward to more digital recordings becoming available on my site in the coming weeks! Happy New Year!