Chakras are part of the body’s energetic anatomy: they can open us up to the layers of the self…

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Join us for Chakra Bliss: Restorative Yoga and Aromatherapy.

Fridays, July 15 and Sept. 9,  7 – 9pm

There are many theories and sciences behind these mysterious and luminous energy centres called Chakras. The word Chakra means ‘wheel’ and refers to spinning disks of energy located in various parts of the body. We are referencing the tradition that identifies 7 Chakras from Root to Crown, and what we find is that these chakras can provide a powerful map for self inquiry, a pathway through which we navigate the various layers of the self. This workshop is called ‘Chakra Bliss’ not because you are expected to be blissful (although that is a probable outcome!), rather we consider ‘bliss’ to be the ‘free flow of emotional energy’. Using essential oils for aromatherapy, restorative postures that inspire an embodied meditation, and chakra visualizations, we guide you gently into a place of deep renewal.  All you have to do is register here, show up, and be open to the experience unfolding as Tiina and Angella offer the guidance and the aromatherapy.