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Community as the new Guru

I’ve heard this mentioned throughout the years, that the new Guru is community. Or, as Thich Nhat Hanh put it, the new Buddha is a community, not a person.

In sanskrit, Gu = Darkness, Ru = Light, Guru, also often the word used to refer to a beloved teacher or master, also refers to the movement from darkness to light, or even the balance and interdependence of darkness and light. Interesting to contemplate as we enter the Equinox and welcome the balance of dark and light. As the Earth’s axis is perpendicular to the sun’s rays and reaching the tipping point, we can now start to welcome more LIGHT into our days.
As we welcome more LIGHT in our days, we welcome the bursting forth of Spring, and a rebirth in our Selves as we emerge from winter hibernation, or in my case, emerge from sabbatical journey in the tropics …

I recently attended the epic Envision Festival in Costa Rica, and taught a yoga workshop about integrating the

expansive energy of the festival into the body and into present moment awareness: it was such a deep honour to be a part of this amazing world renowned festival. One of the missions of Envision is to inspire community and celebrate the potential that we have to envision and create change on the planet.

I was deeply inspired by the talks, workshops and panel discussions all from amazing game changers on the planet. One of the inspirations that flowed through is how important and necessary it is to be in community. I feel incredibly blessed to have some sweet community in Peterborough, and I feel that we have potential to grow and thrive even more.


My vision for the new yoga space Peterborough Living Yoga (PLY) is to create a gathering space for community to form, beyond a ‘yoga studio’; my hope is that PLY is a space for learning, laughter, and connection, stillness, silence, and contemplation, singing, dancing, and creative expression. I envision a place for deepening our experience of yoga and wellness, for our inner and outer world. YOU, the community, are integral for this to succeed. Please stay tuned for our Spring Offerings.

Some things to look forward to….

  • Opening Celebration on April 10 featuring a Live Music Yoga Class with the Om Shantis and Shantdeep
  • Weekly classes in all levels and diverse styles of Yoga
  • Weekly meditation
  • Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers
  • Deepening Workshops for all of us
  • 200 hr Amrita Living Yoga Teacher Training
  • Live Music Yoga, Kirtans, Ecstatic Dance events and more
  • Superfood Lunch Yoga program partnering with Dan Ledandan Foods

Looking forward to connecting with everyone!