Blessed Beginnings: A New Year Yoga and Crystal Mala Making Experience

Trent Rhode

  • January 13, 2018
    1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

with Laura Dunford and Courtney Buckley

Date and Time: Saturday, January 13, 1 – 4pm

Price: $85 + HST (includes your own beautiful crystal mala)

As we open ourselves up to the potential of a new year, we often find ourselves looking inward and reflecting upon our inner resolve (sankalpa). Let us harness the energy of our will and intentions, creating something that we can carry with us and cherish throughout the year before us.

Join Courtney Buckley and Lauretta Dunford for an afternoon of intentional creation.  On this day, as we approach the first new moon in a new year, each participant will create their own unique Japa Mala. Malas are beautiful beaded necklaces, with 108 beads, that are traditionally used as a tool for meditation.

This is the perfect creation and ceremony for this time in the year. Through yoga and meditation, we will find a lovely combination of movement and stillness. We will calm our minds, and open our hearts, making a clear path for our intentions to arise. After our yoga practice, we will begin our creations. A thoughtfully selected variety of crystal beads will be available. Each participant will have the opportunity to choose their own unique combination of beads with assistance if needed. An abundance of space will be held for creating your mala.

In closing we will combine meditation, and an experience of mudra and mantra to offer support and guidance in moving forward with strength, courage and a clearer sense of self.  Connecting with your inner power to manifest dreams into reality. We would love to have you join us in this Blessed Beginning to 2018.  Contact us with any questions.