Inspiring Words: Yoga Teacher Continuing Education Workshop on Language

Tiina Kivinen

  • May 21, 2016
    9:00 am - 11:55 pm

with Sasha Lambrinos and Tiina Kivinen

Date and Time: Saturday May 21, 9am – 12pm

Price: $40 + HST


Language is a powerful tool for teaching yoga, and it can be a challenging part of being a new yoga teacher, as well as a consistent inquiry for all teachers over the years. How can we describe that place beyond words that the practice of yoga inspires? How can we use language in a way that is inclusive, safe, inspiring, clear and effective? How can we avoid jargon? In this 3 hr workshop, we invite all yoga teachers, new and seasoned, to join us for an exploration into the art of language in teaching yoga. We will explore finding your authentic voice while providing safe, clear, and inspiring verbal guidance, as well as explore common challenges in communication while teaching. We will come away with resources for inspired teaching sourced from our own wisdom and practice, as well as the inspiration of a group of fellow yoga teachers.