Tensegrity Repair Series

Tiina Kivinen

  •  November 24, 2019
     1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

with Kristina Domsic

The word ‘tensegrity’ is a short form for ‘tensional integrity’. In a tensegrity structure, there is balance between push and pull. When our bones, muscles, and fascia are in an ideal state of tensegrity, our bodies move smoothly and easefully. But poor posture, injuries, stress, and repetitive movement patterns can cause major imbalances to our internal tensegrity structures. These imbalances can become apparent through tight muscles and stiff joints, causing unnecessary wear and tear on our bodies, and possibly even leading to long-term issues such as osteoarthritis or degenerative disc disease. The Tensegrity Repair Series (TRS) is made up of slow and accessible movements that are designed to help restore body awareness, increase healthy range of motion in the hips, shoulders, and spine, and strengthen and stabilize the core and pelvis.

This workshop will provide an overview of some of the key concepts behind seeing our bodies as tensegrity structures. We will explore the basic TRS movements together on our mats, in combination with some complimentary gentle yoga postures. Come prepared to explore, relax, and breathe deeply!

In addition to her Hatha and Restorative Yoga offerings, Kristina has been practicing and studying TRS since 2014. She completed a TRS teaching program with Trudy Austin at Queen Street Yoga in 2017.

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