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Tiina Kivinen Blog

When in a state of stress, it can be hard to see, think, or feel beyond the stress. A relaxed mind is limitless. When guided skillfully into relaxation, you can access the deepest parts of yourself, where there is no limit to the amount of healing and peace that is available. Hypnotherapy offers a way in to this field beyond the limiting beliefs you may hold about your self and your life… these limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. Fear, anxiety, inadequacy, insecurity.

I honour that there are complex reasons why the mind can be entangled in these states. In Counseling Hypnotherapy, I hold space for you to share what you are called to share in your personal story, and work together to unwind the tangles and set a new course of thinking and being. Through guided, deep relaxation, I find ways to speak to your subconscious and your inner wisdom, which has the power to liberate and heal.

~Tiina Kivinen, Resident Hypnotherapist