Restoring Balance Meditation Series 1: Introduction and Relaxed Awareness

Welcome to Restoring Balance: 6 Week Meditation Series

The series consists of one Meditation video or recording per week, made for all levels of practitioners, from absolute beginners to more seasoned meditators. Each video offers techniques to support mindfulness, relaxation, and presence, with compassionate and user friendly guidance. All you need is an internet connection, and some uninterrupted time and space to tune in. Best listened to through headphones if possible.

As we navigate the changes and challenges in the word and in our lives, meditation provides an opportunity to integrate lessons and rejuvenate a tired mind and overstimulated nervous system. When we slow down in body and in mind, we can access inner peace, spaciousness, and freedom.

Here is a an Introduction video!


Relaxed Awareness: Introducing Awareness through Rest

A practice to introduce and explore the art of relaxed awareness. This session is best enjoyed in a comfortable position, laying down. Be sure to make the body comfortable, pillows under head or knees, or a light covering over the eyes.