Yoga and unity consciousness

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We enter into yoga postures not to complete some perfected image or gesture, but rather to wake up the intelligent union of mind, body and heart.~Michael Stone


Hi Everyone!

I honour that everyone has their own unique entry point into the practice of Yoga; to de-stress, for physical fitness, meditation… or perhaps curiosity about what is this craze that people seem to love? The benefits are diverse, I often hear of my students exclaiming in wonder that they have experienced a major decrease in discomforts from previous ailments (like sciatica, osteoarthritis, digestive issues…), and of course stress relief.


Yoga teaches us to calm the mind and cultivate moment to moment awareness. Practicing postures with safety, curiosity, and respect for the body has great benefit on many levels, but it doesn’t end there. Yoga in its truest form is actually a meditation that bring us into a state of unity consciousness. Which means less push and pull, a state of relaxed being with what arises rather than attachment to what is comfortable/ pleasurable and aversion to what is not.


Usually in these newsletters I relate the teachings of Yoga to some kind of personal life practice that is present for me. Since losing my mother on the physical plane last month, I have gained a new depth to my meditation practice. Being present with what is, through intentional relaxed awareness while practicing yoga or meditation, is a practice that comes with me off the mat, off the meditation cushion, and into Life, as it is. As uncomfortable as grief can feel, meditation and yoga help me to stay with the sensation, feel it fully, and remain open to the depth of the experience.


Costa Rica Yoga Retreat
In other news, just in time for winter, we are offering a massive discount on the Costa Rica Yoga Retreat (check out my new Event page)! From now until Monday, Dec. 1, take advantage once again of the first early bird price, which is $300 off (using the code HOLIDAY at registration)! Due to technical issues, the date has been extended one week from what was originally announced ๐Ÿ™‚ You deserve this gift! (or maybe there’s a loved one in your life who does too!)Join me for a week by the pacific ocean in Costa Rica, to deepen your practice in Yoga, meditation, and relaxed awareness. This life is too short not to take adventures that are deeply soul nourishing!


Yoga Teacher Training
We are over half way finished the 2014 Yoga Teacher Training. The depth of practice that is arising in our group of trainees is absolutely inspiring! I am beyond grateful for the manifestation of an incredible group of trainees, as well as an amazing co pilot, Ally Boothroyd of Sarovara Yoga in Bobcaygeon. We are currently working on the schedule for the next training in 2015, so if you are feeling the call to take your practice to the next level, apply here.


Weekly Yoga Schedule
We have 4 weeks left of our current schedule of weekly yoga classes. You are welcome to join for the remaining weeks for a prorated cost or drop in anytime. This winter I will be away for some time down south, and I am thrilled to announce that my dear friend Natalie Rosso has decided to run a winter series of all the classes that I have been doing in my absence. Contact me if you’d like me to put you in touch to register ๐Ÿ™‚ She is a wonderful teacher! I will be back in April to take over classes once again.
Soon enough I will also be making a very exciting announcement to you all….. just to peak your curiosity, it is a new endevour for me that will enhance your yoga practice and community in down town Peterborough…. curious… ? Announcement Coming Soon!