What is Yoga?

Yoga = Union.

The practice of Yoga is about bringing together the aspects of our multidimensional self, such as body, mind, emotions, energy, and spirit.

What you may experience in a Yoga class is a synthesis of physical movements called Asanas that stretch, strengthen and bring awareness to the body, combined with meditation, breath awareness and wisdom teachings. Yoga classes have the potential to bring us into a state of connection and inner peace, among many other benefits.

People come to Yoga for different reasons, some of the most popular are stress relief and mental and physical well being, and we understand that your motivations for starting or continuing a practice are your own, and we are happy to welcome you to learn with us, whatever is your motivation.

We are also dedicated to sharing Yoga in a way that honours the integrity and depth of the tradition, and thus offer workshops and trainings to deepen your practice of yoga and bring it to another level of exploration. This includes workshops, for example, that explore the chakras, and the eight limbs of yoga.

If you are interested in bringing yoga to your work or home, see Work and Home page.

What people are saying….

Tiina’s classes bring a calm, centered and wonderfully  meditative addition to my hectic days.  I have been meditating for some time now, and for me yoga increases my meditation practice. I love the non-judging acceptance that Tiina shows to all who attend her classes.  I will continue to work on my yoga/meditation practice in Tiina’s classes…”  – L

…since  I started taking your Monday class I have learned to be more relaxed and have been able to better manage my stress.  When I miss a class I feel almost lost.  You are an amazing Yogi, you make me feel so empowered by your teaching.  You seem to be able to read the needs of the students and give us what we need at that moment.  You are able to explain each movement and where you should be feeling the stretch and how to be breathing so there is no confusion”  – M

“Tiina’s style of teaching is peaceful and her classes are uplifting. I love the careful attention Tiina gives to the relationship of breath and movement. Tiina’s classes are a unique workout for the energy body!”