Now Offering Reiki Treatments with Laura!

Tiina Kivinen Blog

In addition to our popular Aromatherapy and Relaxation Massage, we are now offering Reiki Treatments with Laura Dunford. 

The word Reiki can be translated to mean spiritual universal life force energy; Similar to Prana (Indian), Chi or Qi (Chinese), or Huna (Hawaiian). The Japanese modality of Reiki is nearly one hundred years old and is a process of a practitioner laying hands on a client and inviting Reiki, or life force energy, to flow into the client and through the client freely. In this experience energetic blockages may be released to bring spiritual anatomy into better alignment. It is important to note that physical touch is not necessary to receive the benefits of Reiki.

The benefits and healing of Reiki are experienced not only in the energetic body, but can also be noticed mentally, physically and emotionally. You may even continue to notice benefits up until a week after a treatment.

Laura Dunford, a Registered Yoga Teacher and a 2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner, invites you to join her at Peterborough Living Yoga for a very relaxing Reiki experience. Her hour-long treatments can include a brief consultation prior to, and after treatment. Before beginning Reiki, she centers her clients inviting them to relax the body and mind to cultivate a sense of presence and an open mind. The session may include the use of crystals and essential oils. Please message Laura in advance to learn which options are available to support your unique experience. Clients are welcome to bring their own essential oils for use during the session and their own crystals to charge in the healing Reiki energy (or for use during the session).

Leave feeling more balanced, aligned and connected to the energetic qualities of yourself.


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