Relaxation Massage Treatments

We are happy to be offering you various types of massage from our team of practitioners. Book an appointment, or purchase a 3 Treatment Package directly below, or scroll down to find descriptions of the Services we offer, along with Practitioner Bios.


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Treatment Services Offered

Relaxation Massage is focused on releasing tension, and assisting the client to feel a greater sense of balance and grounding. This type of massage is helpful for stress management, and healing as your body and mind enter a state of restoration and rejuvenation. Choose from our selection of essential oils to add an element of aromatherapy to your personalized massage. Our practitioners lend a compassionate ear, and can be asked to provide meditative guidance, soothing music, or silence.

OPTIONAL: Aromatherapy Incorporated

Aromatic essential oils and high quality carrier oils are artfully prepared, and then skillfully massaged into your body upon request, during any Relaxation Massage.

Experience the healing power of essential oils. Considered to be the lifeblood of the plants, these oils gently offer us their gifts of health and well-being. Whether you suffer from stiff joints, sore muscles, or are in need of emotional support, this aromatic massage will transport you to a place of pure bliss.

The Practitioners


Holistic Aesthetician & Yoga Teacher

As yoga takes a greater focus in her life, Angella is once again opening up her holistic practice to the public. She brings with her 28 years of experience as a Holistic Aesthetician. Receiving her formal education from Sheridan College, Angella has and continues to be a life long learner by completing several certificate courses and workshops within the healing arts.

Her current list of treatments include;

  • Botanical facials
  • Relaxation massage
  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Full Body Exfoliating Sugar Scrub Massage
  • Back Exfoliation and Massage (essentially a facial for your back)

Angella has recently taken her 15 year personal yoga practice to new heights by completing the Amrita 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Training certification. It is Angella’s sincerest desire to share her love for yoga with all, and she enjoys weaving wisdom teachings and mindfulness into her gently paced classes.

Over the years, she has developed a keen knowledge of healing plants and aromatherapy. She uses this understanding in the creation of her handcrafted skin care products. Her treatments are entirely chemical free on the basis that, when it comes to your skin, natural is usually best.

alexaAlexa offers intuitive touch to soothe, balance and ground clients for 1 hour sessions (or longer). She lends a compassionate ear, and responds to your individual needs to help you improve your state of wellness. Experience a custom massage, meditative guidance, anatomical points of consideration, and yoga-related suggestions to take into your self-care routine.

Come away feeling refreshed and – if you so choose – empowered with tools for peace and wellness. Alexa currently studies physical and energetic anatomy in her free time to compliment her understanding of the body as a yoga teacher and body worker.

sashaSasha’s first training in hands on healing was in 2011 with Reiki Master and Teacher Aryan Vedh in Daramshala India. This work complimented what she learned previously at The Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health during a 200 hour yoga teacher training. In spring and summer 2016 she apprenticed with Tamara Pereira where she was introduced to a wide range of healing modalities, and she has since developed a one hour relaxation massage that includes tending to sore back, neck and shoulder muscles. As you work through an hour of relaxation together, it is her preference to have a conversational tone between moments of silent concentration.

“My time with friends and yoga students has been educational and has helped me to refine my offering to the Holistic Team at Peterborough Living Yoga. I am looking forward to meeting new people who are adventuring on their personal journey to physical heath and energetic well being.” ~Sasha

biopicTiina offers a calming and intuitive Relaxation Massage, with optional Aromatherapy. Grounded by the teachings of Yoga, her presence and skill offer you the opportunity to relax, unwind, and be nourished by touch and energy. In addition to thousands of hours of Yoga Training and experience, Tiina has also studied Pranasage, a unique Yoga bodywork style taught by Amba and Don Stapleton at Nosara Yoga Institute, as well as Thai Yoga Bodywork with renowned practitioner/trainer Michael Sitzer. As of late, Tiina has been training and apprenticing Tamara Pereira, a local massage practitioner with a  reputation for her healing touch.