In the Present Moment, is Yoga, Part 3

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Embrace the Moment

“Don’t move the way fear makes you move. Move the way love makes you move. Move the way joy makes you move.” — Osho

Welcome September!
The month in which we savour the sweet lingering summer moments, like watching the final light of a sunset over the horizon. We prepare to welcome the Autumnal equinox and manifest new rhythms in our lives. For me, this season brings a new teaching schedule, new location for public classes, the launching of my yoga school and teacher training, prioritizing family, and building (and hopefully soon taking) a sauna at our farm. Amongst all of it, my personal goal is to stay balanced and centered, and to embrace what lights me up; to cultivate rhythms of joy and connection.

As life tends to speed up in September, remember to consciously slow down and really appreciate what this summer has awakened and inspired in you. As we move toward the fall, savour these final moments of exquisite summertime energy and lush nature… if possible, smell some of the late summer flowers and arise early to enjoy the morning light. Open your self to the peace and joy that arises when you give your self space to just be in the moment and do what you love.

The fall usually brings with it a movement of organizing, new endeavors, perhaps busyness and scheduling… so how do you stay centered within it all? What small rituals can you cultivate each day to remind you of your capacity for joy? Take some deep breaths of gratitude for the simplicity of just being… and open your self up to the joy that arises when you follow your heart into new rhythms that the fall will bring. Carry the afterglow of summer with you.

Costa Rica Yoga Retreat

Looking ahead to the inevitable turn of the season into winter, I invite you to join me for the 3rd annual Rhythms of Joy Costa Rica Yoga Retreat. For one week in March 2015, journey with me and a group of like-hearted friends, to a magical beach side oasis on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

If you feel an inner calling to travel and have an adventure of a lifetime, while deepening your yoga practice and taking time for yourself, then please consider joining me for this retreat. It’s affordable, the weather will be beautiful, you may see whales and you will see monkeys and other wildlife, swim in the ocean, get sand in your toes, gaze at the sunset, breathe, meditate, stretch and feel gloriously alive. I have designed and organized this retreat for YOU, so you can take time out of your life and sink into another kind of rhythm, with an afterglow that you can take back to your home, work, family… Register and secure this rate with your deposit.

All in Love,