Spring Rebirth, Renewal, and Rejuvination!

Tiina Kivinen Blog

Join us for our Spring Schedule 0f Weekly Classes! In effect March 22 – June 22. As well, check out our inspired line up of Spring Workshops and Events, as well as special Registered Series!

A few of our upcoming offerings…. but be sure peruse the site for a complete line up!

Chakra Essentials: An Aromatherapy Journey through the Energy Centres

Tuesdays 5:30 – 6:45pm, March  27 – May 1, and Friday May 4 Chakra Bliss 7 – 9pm

Tiina and Angella join together again to bring you a 7 week series, with each class focusing on a particular Chakra (energy centre), using yoga, meditation, and aromatherapy to heighten and deepen your self inquiry.
Register Here or join us with your Unlimited,  10 Class Series, or Drop in.

Restorative Trance: Yoga and Yoga Nidra 

Tuesdays 7 – 8:15pmApril 3 – May 8

Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness. The word ‘Nidra’ refers to sleep with a trace of awareness, or conscious deep relaxation. Yoga Nidra is a therapeutic trance, much like hypnosis. It is as a state of consciousness, that occurs between waking consciousness and dreaming consciousness. To enter into the Nidra state, we utilize a skillful and systemic method of complete relaxation, that has the potential to restore balance through bringing us into the parasympathetic nervous system’s state of rest and digest. As well, it is in this state of deep rest, that we have the potential to affect change on a subconscious, or unconscious level. The practitioner simply rests in a comfortable and very supported position, listening to voice of the guide, and the journey unfolds. In this series, we will explore different themes each week, with the intention of deepening self inquiry, integrating life changes and insights, and using this method of skillful rest for stress reduction, and self care. Learn More and Register Here 

Yoga Movement Series: Strength, Balance and Stretch

We are excited to be welcoming Reanna Montopoli to Peterborough Living Yoga! Reanna is a yoga teacher as well as a Physiotherapist, and she will be offering this 3 week workshop series, as well as a Wednesday 6 – 7pm Strength and Stretch class.

Saturday April 14th, 10-11:30am – Hips & Low Back
Saturday May 5th, 10-11:30am – Neck & Shoulders
Saturday June 2nd, 10-11:30am – Spinal Health

More info and Register Here! 

Deepening Yoga Meditation and Breathwork 

Mpndays 5:30 – 6:45pm

Tiina continues with this community favourite… a gentle and restortaive style class with an emphasis on learning meditation and breathwork techniques to give you real tools that support well being and a balanced nervous system! Register and More info, and remember, you can use your 10 Class Series, Unlimited or Drop in as well!

Yoga Foundations

Thursdays 7  – 8pm, Registered Series from April 5 – May 10
We have been hearing so many rave reviews about Kristina Domsic since she joined us this winter!  She is again offering Yoga Foundations, as well as a few new offerings on the schedule! This class is perfect for beginners as well as more experienced practitioners, anyone who is interested in a foundational, back to basics approach to yoga. Students have been loving her creative, and user friendly approach to yoga, you will learn something new every class. More info and Register Here.